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Beyond Generic Plans

Tri 1st Custom™ Triathlon Training Tailored To You

At Tri 1st Coaching, we believe in the power of personalised coaching to transform your triathlon performance. We also understand that 1:1 coaching is not for everyone. But forget one-size-fits-all generic training plans. They overlook your current fitness levels, life circumstances, and any injuries or niggles you may be dealing with. More often than not they lead to injury rather than success.

Instead, embrace all the benefits of a structured training plan, but one that’s tailored to you. We believe in crafting bespoke training plans that truly fit your individual needs, ensuring a safer, smarter and more effective path to achieving your goals. Whether you’re gearing up for your first race or looking to set a new PB, discover how our personalised plans can transform your performance.

What's included

From sprint triathlons to Ironman distance, X Terra, duathlons, beginner to advanced, masters (40+) specific, off season and more. Pick your key race or fitness goal and choose the length of time (8 – 20 weeks) you want to have a structured plan for, we’ll do the rest.
Not sure which plan suits? Get in touch and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements..
  • Tailor-Made Training Plan

    A plan that aligns with your experience, fitness levels, availability, and goals.

  • Testing Week

    Start off strong with a week dedicated to testing, setting the stage for your tailored training strategy.

  • Targeted Training

    Phase-specific plans to guide you through your triathlon journey, fully customisable with HR and Power Zones and the flexibility to tailor the programme to your timetable.

How does it work?

Initial Assessment

Fill out our detailed questionnaire for a comprehensive understanding of your current level, goals, and lifestyle. This is followed by a free consultation call if further clarification is needed to discuss your goals in depth.

Custom Plan Creation

Based on your input, we craft a bespoke training plan, based on your goals, schedule and fitness level.

Seamless Delivery

Access your training plan through TrainingPeaks, one of the leading endurance training platforms, which allows you to easily log, monitor and analyse your progress with just a few clicks. TrainingPeaks is accessible via a web browser or mobile app and syncs with all the major wearables and other training platforms (Apple Watch, Garmin, Wahoo, Zwift, Sunnto, etc) which enables the automatic upload of your workout data.

The basic account is free to activate. The premium version (subject to a monthly subscription fee) provides a host of additional features which includes the ability to reschedule your workouts, receive weekly recaps and fitness summaries and monitor your progress with Peak Performances (i.e. new personal bests for power, heart rate, or pace).

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Our customised training plans are a one-off product which do not include feedback, analysis or coaching support. Email support is provided if you have any questions about your training plan. If you want a more personal service with regular feedback and communication with your coach, please look at our 1:1 coaching option.
  2. Our customised training plans are not AI generated, they are all based on the specifics you have provided and written by Tri 1st Coaching.
  3. The initial testing week is not a prerequisite and will depend on your experience or existing fitness levels. As a minimum we recommend that you can swim 400m, cycle for 30 mins and run or run/walk for 20 mins. Our plans are bespoke so we will start where you are at.
  4. Weekly training hours vary, depending on your level or what you are training for. We will ask you to specify in the questionnaire how many days (and hours) you have available to train.

8 Week Training Plan



16 Week Training Plan



20 Week Training Plan



*Please note – our customised training plans are a one-off product which do not include feedback or analysis. If you want a more personal service with regular feedback and communication with your coach, please look at our 1:1 coaching option.