Bike Fits in Birmingham & the Midlands

Professional Bike Fits in Birmingham

New Rider Bike Fitting Service

Just got yourself a new bike and do not know where to start? Get yourself booked in for a Basic bike fit where I will cover all your contact points, starting with your cleat position, saddle height, saddle forward and back position and finally your handlebar reach.

You will need to allow an hour for this fit, I will use video capture and our power based turbo trainer to help determine your ideal position. Please bring your bike, cycling shoes and cycling clothing.

The cost for this for is just £60

Comprehensive Bike Fitting Service

I also offer a more comprehensive fit where I go into more about you the cyclist. I like to find out about what kind of cyclist you are, what goals you have and talk you through the whole fit process from fitting your cleats to the kind of riding you do, to adjusting the reach on your bars depending on your flexibility and riding needs to name a few.

You will need to allow a good 2 hours for this fit. Please bring all of your cycling kit. Shoes, clothing and bike. Expect to do a fair bit of riding in this fit. To determine your ideal position I will use video capture analysis, lasers for tracking and rider feedback.

The cost for this fit is £120

The fits are based at my fitness studio in Birmingham, where we have a good range of products for you to try. Including test saddles from ISM (popular in triathlon) and SMP (extremely comfortable)

If you would like a chat about sorting your bike position out give me a call on 07977 070601 or please use the contact form.

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