Lactate Training Zone Testing Birmingham

Performance Testing

If you are looking to dial in your training zones I offer performance testing for both the bike and run in my studio. Highly recommended if you want to train optimally.

How it works.. We will take a blood sample at rest to get a base lactate mark. We will then start with a gentle warm up, before increasing the intensity every five minutes until you reach LT2 (the second turn point) At the end of each 5 minute stage, a blood sample is taken (either from the finger or ear lobe) to measure blood lactate. We will also monitor your HR/Power or HR/speed depending on Bike or run respectively.

You will leave with the knowledge that you have your training zones dialled in correctly.

  • Z1 Recovery
  • Z2 LTI aerobic training Zone
  • Z3 Tempo (the so called grey zone)
  • Z4 LT2 your threshold (CSS, FTP and CRS)
  • Z5 Vo2 sessions

Please note your zones are highly individual and need to be tested for both bike and run.

If you would like a chat about your current sporting or fitness performance and how to improve it give me a call on 07977 070601 or please use the contact form.

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