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Ben Carter (Ironman & 70.3 Age Group Athlete, Kona Qualifier)

I first started working with Damo a couple of years ago with what, at the time, seemed like a hugely ambitious goal of qualifying for the 70.3 Worlds. After a fair amount of hard graft (as Damo is occasionally heard saying – consistency is key!), I made it to the 70.3 Worlds and I am convinced that would not have been possible without Damo’s guidance and expertise. After our first relaxed conversation about what we were both looking for from the coach-athlete relationship, I was certain that Damo not only has all necessary knowledge but is also to able draw on a wealth of experience, having completed numerous triathlons/multi-sport endurance events to a very high standard himself, to help me achieve my personal goals whilst developing as an athlete. Damo’s straight-talking nature means he finds the right balance between pep-talks and home-truths keeping me focused and on track.

Whilst achieving goals is important to me, I also wanted to enjoy the journey and process of getting there. Damo sets plans that manage to be simultaneously demanding, rewarding and enjoyable – and flexible enough to cope with any demands/obstacles life might throw at you (work/family/injuries/etc). It was clear from the start that Damo’s plans are progressive, well-thought out and, most importantly, 100% tailored to the individual.

Annie Byrne (Ironman & 70.3 Age Group Athlete)

‘I transitioned to Damo earlier this year and I have never looked back! My previous coach replicated sessions and didn’t really tailor them to me. Damo makes sure the load and intensity is just right. It was crucial we got the balance between making me work but not overdoing it (which I am known to do with no structure!). The goal this year was to get to World 70.3 Champs (mainly because my partner was doing it… so I would have got ‘fomo’ watching him) and to complete my first Ironman. Damo not only ensured I ticked these two off but I managed to achieve a Sub 11 in my Ironman debut which is something I definitely didn’t expect! Damo is also very easy to talk to and contact if you have any concerns or questions about training and racing. I have loved working with Damo over these past 9 months and I am excited for the next year – to continue enjoying the hobby and Damo definitely contributes to this.’

Thanks Annie 🙂

Kat Matthews (Professional Triathlete)
“Damo has been my coach for 3 years. Having had success (self-coached) at the GB age group level I was keen to fully invest in triathlon. An informative but relaxed initial conversation set up for a really strong coach-athlete relationship with the perfect balance of communication, control and flexibility. Damo takes on board and fully empathises with your other life priorities and is able to plan your training around it whilst also nudging you just the right amount into what would be most beneficial for your sporting development. 

Damo gave me the confidence to start aiming for the professional ranks and has been vital in my progression as an athlete. Not only in my physical training and progress but in my outlook on racing and maturity towards progression into longer distances and managing injuries. His sessions follow the key fundamentals of training science, the perfect balance of progressive overload and quality and he is always open for discussion as inevitable questions arise.”

Emma Evans (Ironman Age-Group Athlete)
“Damo is a great coach and has really taken my training and racing to a level I never thought possible.  He has a no-fuss approach and a huge breadth of experience allowing him to tailor training to meet your personal goals.  He strikes the difficult balance between pushing you out of your comfort zone just enough to progress whilst being insightful enough to know where the limits are and keeping an eye on the bigger picture of life and work commitments.   I think the results from his existing coached athletes speak volumes for the quality and individualised coaching he offers – Damo isn’t just a coaching treadmill with a one-size fits all plan – you get a human behind it who will invest in you and ultimately achieves results.”

Guy Evans

Guy Evans (Ironman Age-Group Athlete & Kona Qualifier)
“Damo has helped me reach the next level of triathlon performance. I started working with him to help ’step up’ and qualify for the IM World Champs in Hawaii. His methodical, progressive and no fuss approach to coaching and programming suited me well and his deep understanding of endurance training has helped me to identify how to get the best out of myself. He is adaptive and responsive depending on how I react to his coaching plan and knows how to balance a program around other commitments. Damo’s honesty is a big strength, knowing when to offer support but also when to voice home truths that need to be said! Since working with Damo, I have reached my goal of qualifying and racing at the IM World Champs and continue to set new goals moving forward. Achieving these goals has not been by chance, but rather a product of Damo’s deliberate planning and progressions. I can’t recommend Damo highly enough!”
Jenny Holden (Ironman &  70.3 Age-Group Athlete, Kona Qualifier)
Damo has been coaching me in Triathlon since late 2018. After six weeks on Damo’s plan, his approach to training was already delivering results beyond my expectations and with my first Ironman on the horizon in 2019, I knew I was in safe hands. As there are no shortcuts to achieving your goals, I’m prepared to put the time and effort in, however with the benefit of Damo’s vast knowledge and experience, I know I’m putting in quality time every day that I train. What uniquely differentiates Damo’s approach, from other coaches I have used, is that he works with your strengths, weaknesses, lifestyle and other commitments to maximise your potential. You will always know well in advance what your next week’s volume looks like to enable you plan ahead. Damo’s approach is flexible, supportive and encouraging and he will always make time to share his wealth of experience and reassure you whenever you have questions or concerns. With Damo’s help I have exceeded my expectations of just finishing a 70.3 or Ironman and I have achieved consistent Age Groups wins at all distances. I can whole heartedly vouch for his coaching skills and would recommend him without hesitation

Lydia Gurley (Pro Cyclist)
“Damo coached me in triathlon initially and then specifically in cycling. Damo has been instrumental to my progression in competing in cycling at an international level providing not only excellent, structured advise but also encouragement and the confident to pursue my goals. As an athlete himself, completing multiple Ironman triathlons, Damo is well aware of the challenges involved in competing. He provides no-nonsense, educated advice and under his guidance I improved significantly and achieved results in triathlon and road racing. I would highly recommend Damo as a coach he knows what he is talking about and if you do the work you’ll see the gains :)”


Chris Gollings (GB AG Athlete)
“I have known Damo since 2006 when I first started triathlon. Over the years he has been the source of lots of great tips and advice. He became my coach officially in November 2014 coaching me through 2015. At the end of the season we set the goal of getting me to the world age group championships in Cozumel 2016 and getting me into the top 50 for my age. We achieved both. I now swim better, bike 10% faster and achieved a PB in a 10k run at the age of 54. So if you want a coach he’s your man.”


Lee Renshaw. (IM Athlete)
“Mission Impossible were the first words I ever said to Damo. I told him I was looking for a coach, as I had just signed up to compete in Ironman Lanzarote which was in 8 months time, but there was a catch. I had never competed in a triathlon and I couldn’t swim…He smiled at me and told me straight that it was possible, but only with consistent training and hard work. The level of coaching I received from Damo was second to none. Over the next 8 months he seemed to know when I needed encouraging and when I needed to keep my feet on the ground. He was always very calm and straight to the point. If ever I was unsure of anything he was always there to answer my questions. He was very patient when coaching me to swim and was always upfont with where I was at with my progression. The training programmes were made to fit around my work life. In May 2016 I crossed the finish line of I.M Lanza in a time I never thought possible, Thanks to Damo’s coaching I went from mission impossible to Ironman finisher. If you are looking for a coach put you trust in Damo I promise he will not let you down.”


Vicky Smith (Elite Cyclist)
“If you’re considering a coach, I can’t recommend Damo enough for the job. I debated approaching a coach for around a year and now wish I had made the decision earlier! I’ve seen improvement very quickly and it is a weight off of my mind to know that someone experienced is handling my training; which I struggled to organise by myself around a challenging work rota. Damo made starting and following a training plan, incredibly easy and straightforward. He asked the right questions about my goals, sporting history and my other commitments to quickly develop a personalised training programme around my busy and alternating shift pattern and he continues to adapt it to my requirements as I develop as a cyclist. Damo has helped me a lot and I’m looking forward to continuing to work him to discover how far I can go in cycling.”


Matt Warnock (IM Athlete)
“Over 18 months or so, Damo coached me to personal best times at both the half Ironman and full Ironman distances. He was supportive, communicative and knowledgeable, providing sessions that were always achievable but challenging. I found it reassuring to be coached by someone who knows the sport from the inside and has been there himself before.”


Jorge Mascaro (IM Athlete)
“From my days of school, sport was around me and I felt happy being an athlete. Always challenging myself and improving for competition. Time was never a problem. However trying to be an athlete with a busy job and family life was pretty difficult, until I met Damo. First as a friend then as coach he has been able to give structure to my training. Not only he has organised it for me but also he has work out the way to fit everything around work, family and injury. With his coaching abilities I have now completed 4 ironman race, have learn how to swim competitively and have seen progressive improvement in my swimming, cycling and running. Today I look back and feel again as an athlete as I was during my school days and there is no doubt that I wouldn’t have achieved what I have as a senior athlete without the coaching abilities, dedication and understanding of Damo.”


Russ Hall (Brat V Chairman)
“Damion has been coaching the BRAT Club Triathlon Junior Academy since it’s conception and was chosen from a group of level 3 qualified coaches who applied for the position. Damion’s commitment to the junior academy has been unwavering, attending races with the academy athletes and always willing to talk through training issues with the athletes or parents. Using the latest training techniques, combined with an encouraging one to one coaching style the academy athletes have had some great successes in triathlon and running events and had great fun along the way.”


Rich Hindle (IM Athlete)
“Damo is an excellent coach, who has ‘been there and done it as an athlete himself which gives you a lot of confidence. His training plans were detailed and clearly focused at improving my weaknesses. He gives you very clear feedback and isn’t afraid to give you a bit of kick when you need it!”


Nick Murphy (IM Athlete)
“I have known Damo Littlewood for over ten years. I have trained and raced with him many times, even going to Kona together. This year I decided to put my faith in him as a coach. We worked out the aims for the season together in the Autumn and he built a flexible training programme around my complex life. He uses Training Peaks software for the session diary which works really well, giving the opportunity for immediate feedback and it summarises and charts your progress. He kept me focused when motivation was lacking and provided support and morale through injury. There is little he doesn’t know about current training ideas and he understands what it takes to achieve your own personal goals.”

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