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Athlete Services

Ideal if you need specific help on a particular skill or just starting out. Don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss your requirements. These one hour sessions are designed to build your confidence and can cover the following:

  • Private swim lesson

    Stroke correction, advice on technique and tips that will help you improve your swimming

  • Swim analysis

    Get your stroke filmed from 4 different angles to find out what’s really going on, above and under the water.

  • Open water swim session

    Great for building confidence in open water, especially if you are a novice.

  • Bike fit

    Whether it’s setting you up on a new bike or a more comprehensive bike fitting service using video analysis, lasers for tracking and rider feedback, it’s extremely important to get the best out of your bike position (and avoid potential injuries!).

  • Race bike set up

    I can set you up for comfort and efficiency and advise on all the small (but often overlooked) details from where to place your drink bottles, spares to nutrition etc.

  • Cycling skills session

    If you feel unstable on the bike, are afraid of cornering or struggle with gear selection, this may be for you.

  • Run form session

    Struggling with injuries? A technique change could help!

  • Lactate Testing

    If you are looking to dial in your training zones a lactate test will identify your aerobic (LT1) and anaerobic threshold (LT2). This service is invaluable for accurately setting training zones and tailoring the best training approach to improve your fitness and race pacing, especially for longer events.


  • Basic bike maintenance

    Got a big race coming up and not sure how to repair a puncture, change a tyre or want to know how to index the gears?

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