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5 reasons why you should ride the mud this winter

It’s no secret that riding off road improves your bike handling skills, but what else should encourage you to get out the door this winter.

  1. Silky smooth: There is nothing better for your pedaling technique than riding up a tricky off road section. If you do not keep smooth you will find yourself spinning the back wheel out.
  2. Power Improvement: If you find yourself plowing through a super muddy section this winter, don’t be surprised if you are putting out some of your best power.
  3. Mental toughness: The easy option is to jump on your turbo when the weather is not playing nice. Instead, suck it up and commit to getting out the door no matter what the weather. This will give you the confidence come race day no matter the weather!
  4. Nowhere to hide: its no coincidence that some of the best cyclist come from Mtbing. Peter Sagen (3 x world road champion) and Cadel Evans (tour de France winner) come to mind. You are continually coming up against challenging terrain, which leaves you with little option, except walk or Ride (never walk) I am not referring to technical riding, I’m referring to, nowhere to hide hard riding!
  5. Its great fun: There is nothing better than hitting a few trails with your mates, add to that all the benefits off above and you are probably getting one of the best workouts off the week.

On a personal note, after riding off road with my mates all winter I had one of my best ever triathlon seasons.  Link to winter loop

Go get muddy!